Shared Decision Making Solutions that Reduce Healthcare Costs by Minimizing Expensive Utilization

Health Dialog’s shared decision making solutions combine analytics, health coaching, and award-winning decision aids to support patients in their decision making process and drive measurable cost savings for our clients. Shared decision making encourages physicians and patients to collaborate on treatment decisions, leading to improved patient satisfaction and a reduction in unnecessary higher-cost care.

For instance, with one of our programs, we helped a client reduce hospitalizations by over 12% and overall healthcare costs up to 20%.

Components of our shared decision making programs include:

  • Proprietary healthcare analytics to identify patients in a treatment window who are likely to face a preference-sensitive condition decision in the near future
  • Patient engagement by Health Coaches trained in shared decision making principles who proactively reach out to patients to offer information and support
  • Award-winning decision aids that explain treatment and care choices and help members work with their doctors to make decisions about their healthcare—available in DVD, print, and online formats

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