Medication Therapy Management Services that Increase Adherence, Reduce Costs, and Improve CMS STAR Ratings

Our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) programs help payers improve therapeutic outcomes, minimize medication complications, reduce unnecessary spending, and improve CMS STAR Ratings. Our end-to-end MTM solution includes comprehensive medication reviews and medication adherence services delivered by an expert team of pharmacists, registered nurses, and medication specialists.

Program components include:

  • Analytics to identify beneficiaries eligible for Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs) and to prioritize those likely to be receptive to outreach
  • Support for medication adherence CMS STAR ratings and display measures (for diabetes, hypertension, and statin use)
  • Personalized patient engagement focused on resolving medication issues and helping individuals overcome barriers to adherence
  • Targeted Medication Reviews (TMRs) to monitor post-outreach adherence, pinpoint unresolved medication issues, and identify potential adverse drug-to-drug interactions
  • Program outcomes reporting and post-outreach member documentation


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