Medication Adherence Outreach and Expert Guidance Focused on Improving Clinical, Quality and Financial Results

Medication non adherence is pervasive, takes the lives of 125,000 people a year and costs the U.S. healthcare system nearly $300 Billion. Health Dialog’s medication adherence program was developed on 20+ years of population health management experience. We help at-risk organizations improve patient adherence to therapeutic outcomes, minimize medication complications, reduce unnecessary spending, and increase revenue. Our suite of solutions improve population stratification, member engagement, and program return on investment (ROI). 

Program components include:

  • Powerful healthcare analytics to identify and prioritize individuals who are likely to be non-adherent to drug therapy guidelines
  • Personalized telephone engagement focused on resolving medication adherence issues and helping individuals overcome barriers to adherence
  • Program outcomes reporting and post-outreach member documentation
  • Continuous evaluation and monitoring of medication adherence and long-term clinical outcomes
  • Evidence-based clinical content that educates patients on the value and benefits of medication adherence and coach-provided resource utilization support

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