Archived Webinar: Tackling the Top 5 Barriers to Medication Adherence

A lack of medication adherence can lead to poor clinical outcomes, higher hospital admissions and rising spend for your organization. On top of that, CMS Star point rates are also increasing year after year, making it increasingly difficult to obtain a 5 Star rating. It can be tough thinking about how to start building an effective strategy to increase adherence in your population.

In this webinar, Jenny Glennon, PharmD, RPh, will discuss the top struggles with medication adherence in populations and how to use predictive analytics, tailored outreach and patient engagement, and behavior change programs to overcome them.

Viewers will learn:

  • How to overcome barriers to adherence
  • How to understand the characteristics of their population
  • How to engage difficult to reach segments of your population with personalized multi-channel communications and interventions