Archived Webinar:

Health Engagement that Drives Results

Yesterday’s disease management programs have begun to evolve with the advent of more advanced, multi-year analytics that stratify populations by disease stage and state—instead of claims-based financial risk—to prioritize clinical interventions. In fact, today it’s possible to deliver truly proactive health interventions for your entire population based on every individual’s clinical needs and their likelihood to progress into more costly disease stages.

The next step in this evolution is the delivery of personalized health resources and interventions that inform, engage, and motivate individuals to set and achieve health goals. In this webinar, our experts discuss how personalized digital engagement can deliver health resources and tools that effectively drive behavior change.

The discussion covers:

  • Innovations in predictive analytics that enable a 2-5 year view of future population risk
  • The use of smart data collection to continuously adapt health programs as an individual’s needs change
  • The use of digital technology to effectively deliver personalized clinical resources and tools at a low cost to your entire population
  • The member’s perspective - a case profile that illustrates a seamless, multi-channel health experience